Certified Yoga Instructor Salary

Some people cringe when making money from teaching yoga. They feel that teaching yoga is such a lofty endeavor (which it is) that money should never come into the equation. But teaching yoga is also a business, and a lucrative one at that. Make no mistake about it, yoga is big business these days!
Earning good money from teaching yoga is not evil. Money is not bad in itself; it all depends on how it is used. With money, you can do a whole lot of good not only for yourself but also for others. Without it, you can’t do squat.
There has been an explosion in yoga’s popularity recently. More people, men and women alike, are practicing yoga for various health reasons. It is perceived to be of help in alleviating diseases like arthritis, diabetes, high blood pressure and reduce stress because of its calming abilities.
As a result, teaching yoga has become a viable career. These days, with yoga more popular than ever, you can earn pretty good money as a yoga instructor, and more so when you become a certified yoga instructor for the reasons mentioned above.
What is a typical yoga instructor salary? This will depend on how much experience you have, where you live and the size of the class you are teaching. The hourly fee ranges anywhere from $25-50 for a group class and $75-150 per session for a private class.
According to the website indeed.com (as of January 2013), the yoga instructor earns more per year ($43,000) than the group exercise instructor ($35,000) or group fitness instructor ($31,000). And once you become a certified yoga instructor, there is a very good probability that you will earn more than the non-certified yoga teacher.
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