Yoga Instructor Certification Benefits

At the moment, you don’t need to become a certified yoga instructor or be registered to teach yoga in the U.S. However, this could change. In other countries, certification and/or registration might be prerequisites to teaching yoga. So, make sure to check around and find out what the requirements are in your country.
However, more and more studios are making yoga certification a condition for employment. Therefore it only makes sense to get certified as this will give you a big advantage over other applicants who are not.
What is the difference between a Certified Yoga Teacher (CYT) and a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT)?
Becoming a certified yoga instructor is the first step in getting credentialed. Thereafter, if you decide to go to the next level, you can apply for registration.
In the US, Yoga Alliance ( and Yoga Register accept certified yoga teachers as applicants, and so do both the British Wheel of Yoga and the Independent Yoga Network in the UK. But since each of these registries have varying standards for acceptance, you will need to contact the ones you are interested in to find out what the requirements are.
Without a doubt, when you get your yoga teacher certification, not only will your students hold you to a higher standard and gain more credibility, but you will also make more money.
Find out here the typical salary for a yoga instructor (and add more once you’re certified).
Needless to say, yoga instructor certification comes with added responsibility. Your students will presume that you are more experienced and therefore more knowledgeable, not only as an expert on how to do the yoga postures, but also on how to do them properly to avoid injury.
As a certified yoga instructor, your students will feel more at ease, it will be easier to get liability insurance and you will definitely be more attractive to an employer. The yoga teaching certification that will be hanging on the wall will bring you more students and good money, whether you work in somebody else’s studio or in your own.
If you’ve decided to become a certified yoga instructor and take the course online, click this link to take a peek and see if this excellent certification course is for you.

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